Process Technology, Inc. Expands Turck USA Coverage into Colorado, Montana and Wyoming

Turck USAProcess Technology, Inc (PTI), along with Turck USA, announces an expansion of territory to include Colorado, Montana and Wyoming.

Process Technology, Inc. (PTI) has expanded its presence into Colorado, Montana and Wyoming by representing Turck USA. For over 30 years, PTI ‘s expertise has identified and solved some of the toughest challenges in industry throughout the Rocky Mountain region. “Our Front Range team will offer industry of all sizes the opportunity to strengthen their automated processes with the durability, functionality, and performance of Turck’s distributed I/O and connectivity solutions,”says PTI CEO Chris Wheat. “We are ready to provide the Colorado, Montana and Wyoming territories the most up-to-date processes and customer service that Turck USA products bring.

PTI has an established team in the Front Range. Sales Engineers, Aaron Mooney, Rich Robins, Steve Pitkin, Buddy Alford and Applications Engineer, Brian Waslo have the technical industry expertise that have enabled our customers to prosper. Based in the PTI Denver office, Brian states, “With the addition of Turck’s products and solutions, we have an opportunity to pair industry-specific knowledge with custom electronics development, guaranteeing optimal solutions for automation challenges.”

The PTI territory expansion of Turck products, specializing in high quality sensors, fieldbus, and connectivity - as well as interface technology and RFID systems will give customers in the Colorado, Montana and Wyoming territories cost efficient, effective solutions across industries. The Front Range Sales and Support team, the “Experts at the Heart of Industry” will configure, quote and order Turck products with reliability and outstanding customer service.

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Happy Holidays from Process Technology!

"This is my wish for you: peace of mind, prosperity through the year, happiness that multiplies, health for you and yours, fun around every corner, energy to chase your dreams, joy to fill your holidays!" D.M. Dellinger

Factory Automation Conveyor Selection Guide

For more than 35 years, Cincinnati based QC Conveyors has manufactured low profile, modular belt conveyors and conveyor systems. Their products are developed and tested with long-term reliability in mind and can deliver popular style conveyors in just 5 days.

QC Conveyors has a convenient selection guide for choosing the correct conveying solution. You can download the Conveyor Selection Guide here.

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High-Power, Mid-Range Laser Triangulation Sensor Detects Challenging Targets at Distances from 9.5 cm to 2 m

The Banner Q5X Laser Triangulation Sensor with background suppression is a Class 2 laser CMOS sensor with an IO-Link and multifunction input and output. This high-power, mid-range sensor detects challenging targets at distances from 9.5 cm to 2 meters.

The Q5X sensor solves the most difficult distance-based applications, even at acute angles.  It includes a durable, cost-effective IP67 rated housing and optional metal protective brackets, making it perfect for difficult industrial and wet environments.

The normal sensor state is Run mode. From Run mode, users may change the switch point value and channel selection and perform the selected TEACH method.

The secondary sensor state is Setup mode. From Setup mode, users may select the TEACH mode, adjust all standard operating parameters, and perform a factory reset.

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Process Technology Salutes Our Veterans

Veterans Day

Veterans Day is not just another holiday. It honors those Americans who fought for our freedom. By celebrating our Veterans, we continue to tell the story of how this country became the most powerful on Earth - through bravery, honor, truth, and determination.

Our Veterans are our neighbors, friends, family, and co-workers. They took an oath to defend the United States and our Constitution, from all enemies, foreign and domestic. We must never forget their bravery, service, and sacrifice.

Process Technology Inc. thanks our Veterans, past and present, for serving our country and protecting our freedom.

Imagine All Your Process Control Requirements from A Single Vendor

Siemens Process Instrumentation provides you with innovative one-source measurement solutions to improve plant efficiency and product quality. Their smart instruments are also intended to interact seamlessly with the wider globe of industrial automation and control systems – allowing you to have process transparency and to make your company more intelligent. Profit from Siemens ' expertise: a complete process automation vendor with worldwide, 24-hour service, available 365 days a year.

Process Technology is a proud Siemens Process Instrumentation partner providing the Mountain West, Front Range, and Southwest regions with sales, engineering, and application expertise. Siemens Process Instrumentation, along with a foundation of highly trained and experienced Process Technology people,  provide optimum solutions to our customers' control problems.