Improve Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) Production with Siemens LR560 Level Transmitter

Siemens LR560 Level Transmitter

PET is an abbreviation for polyethylene terephthalate, which is the chemical term for polyester. 

PET is a transparent, robust, and lightweight plastic widely used in packaging foods and beverages, particularly convenience-sized soft drinks, juices, and water. PET is used to make almost all single-serving and 2-liter bottles of carbonated soft drinks and water sold in the United States. 

PET containers are produced in two stages, employing injection molding and blow molding machinery. 


Storage tank monitoring of crystalline PET plastic pellets used to make plastic soft drink bottles is essential. The crystalline pellets have a density ranging from 30 pounds per cubic foot to 56 pounds per cubic foot, and the storage tanks can be up to 60 feet tall. 

Level measurement is crucial for inventory control and sustaining material availability during production times. If the inventory is running low, production needs to know whether or not tanks will need to swap. 

Some plants measure levels with a plumb-bob, and some use ultrasonic level transmitters. The plumb bob cord becomes a mechanical inconvenience, and due to excessive dust levels, the ultrasonic level devices experience frequent echo loss. 


The Siemens LR560 transmitter provides a continuous, consistent, and low-maintenance level measuring solution. The SITRANS LR560 unit's plug-and-play capability is appropriate for most solids level monitoring applications, even those requiring severe dust and high temperatures. Its one-of-a-kind design allows for safe and simple programming with the intrinsically safe handheld programmer without the need to open the instrument's lid. 


Savings in time 

  • Significantly reduced maintenance. Because the SITRANS LR560 radar transmitter is non-contact, there is no risk of product contamination or extended delays when plumb-bob cables become entangled or break. 

Process dependability has increased. 

  • Continuous level measurement provides a precise temporal indicator of how much is in the silo. When a plumb-bob wire becomes trapped at a certain distance, the accurate level data is lost. There is no level history before the last on-demand request from the instrument after the line is attached. 

Simpler to use 

  • The SITRANS LR560 transmitter employs a quick start wizard and requires no more calibration or maintenance. 


The local user interface facilitates setting and setup. Customers can save money by shifting the indicating component from unit to unit as needed because they only use the removable, local display during setup. The narrow, 4-degree beam angle allows for consistent depth penetration into the silo while ignoring possible silo wall interference. 

The SITRANS LR560 2-wire, 78 GHz FMCW radar level transmitter monitors solids in silos over a 100-meter (328-foot) range. Its plug-and-play performance is suited for most solids applications, including those with high temperatures up to +392oF and severe dust. Its one-of-a-kind design allows for safe and straightforward programming with the intrinsically safe handheld programmer without the need to open the instrument's lid. 

The SITRANS LR560 transmitter offers an optional graphical local display interface (LDI) that facilitates setup and operation by providing diagnostic support via an intuitive Quick Start Wizard and echo profile display. The QuickStart wizard makes it simple to get started, with only a few parameters needed for basic functioning. The SITRANS LR560 equipment monitors almost any solids material level up to 328 feet. 

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The Mettler Toledo 6000TOCi Total Organic Carbon Analyzer

Mettler Toledo 6000TOCi

Total Organic Carbon (TOC) monitoring is critical for measuring and controlling organic contamination in pure and ultrapure waters. TOC monitoring is essential in the pharmaceuticals, microelectronics, and power generation sectors.

The 6000TOCi analyzer measures TOC levels in water systems quickly and continuously. 6000TOCi customers benefit from real-time data instead of batch systems that measure at intervals, guaranteeing that TOC excursions are never missed – even for a minute. 

Mettler Toledo Thornton's 6000TOCi is a continuous measuring TOC (total organic carbon) sensor. In pure and ultrapure fluids, the sensor gives continuous, real-time data. It employs superior UV oxidation technology with a speedy response time.

The 6000TOCi Total Organic Carbon sensor has a response time of less than one minute. It allows continuous monitoring, which is a significant advantage over batch measurement systems, which can take six minutes or longer to produce a picture of water quality.

The 6000TOCi's real-time measurement capability enables you to preserve detailed records of trending, history, and critical information to support your compliance documents. You may keep a complete sensor history record by using the USB ports for printer and data logging.

The 6000TOCi meets the TOC instrumentation criteria of all significant worldwide pharmacopeias, including USP, EP, JP, ChP, and IP.

The 6000TOCi's versatility allows it to be installed anywhere on a water system, with the option of displaying results at the place of measurement or in a more convenient location for operators.

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Industrial Level Monitoring and Control Instrumentation

Industrial Level Monitoring and Control Instrumentation

Jogler is a manufacturer of high-quality Magnetic Level Gauges, Magnetostrictive Transmitters, Direct-Reading Level Gauges with armored shield, Sight Flow Indicators, Specific Gravity Analyzers, Point Level Switches, and other accessories based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. 

Known for reliable operation and maintenance-free performance, Jogler products are custom designed to fit customer specifications and manufactured per appropriate ASME B31.1 and B31.3 code standards. Jogler's manufacturing capabilities include CNC machining, modern equipment for extruding process connections, welding machines, water jet machines, glass lathe, and in-house powder paint capabilities. Additional in-house services include X-ray, PMI with and without carbon content, post-weld heat treatment, epoxy coating, and oxygen cleaning. 

Jogler's modern production capabilities, together with internal quality systems, enable on-time delivery and short lead times for their customers.

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Pinch Control Valves for Regulating Flow of Slurries, Abrasives, Fibrous and Corrosive Media

Red Valve Control Valves offer maximum durability with precise control and virtually no maintenance.  A heavy-duty pinch mechanism positions the sleeve for accurate control over a wide flow range. 

Red Valve Control Pinch Valves have no packing to maintain or seats to wear, no fugitive emissions and no need for expensive body alloys. Variable orifice and cone sleeves can be specified to further enhance control performance and match the exact CV level desired. True feedback positioning is accomplished through the direct linkage of the pneumatic positioner to the valve stem shaft, with no splitting of the positioner output. Red Valve Control Products are available with pneumatic, electro-pneumatic, or digital positioners to link up to all control systems.

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New Product Alert - The LowFlow MK708MAX Control Valve

LowFlow MK708MAX

Designed for high-pressure gas applications, aerospace/fuel testing, refining/chem/petrochemical, and pilot plants the new MK708MAX is a valuable addition to the Richards Industrials LowFlow brand of precision globe-style control valves, providing entry into higher flow applications.


MK708MAX Product Highlights

  • Capable of handling 1,000psi (69 bar) inlet pressures at 100°F (38°C) - the competition only goes up to 720psi (50bar)
  • CVs ranging from 6.5-10 (5.6 - 8.65kv)
  • Body Material Options- Bronze, Carbon Steel, and Stainless.
  • Available in 1” (DN25)

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Siemens SITRANS store IQ Smart Monitoring Apps

Siemens SITRANS store IQ Smart Monitoring Apps

Siemens provides customers the ability to take process measurements and remotely track the operation and health of instrumentation, regardless of whether they have a SCADA, PLC, or DCS system. 

Siemens provides a wide range of process measurements and unprecedented monitoring of those products' health and efficiency by leveraging Siemens' flow, level, pressure, temperature, and weight measurement. In combination with Siemens Mindsphere, information can then be submitted to the cloud and used to provide real-time tracking of various properties, as well as real-time data retrieval from multiple remote locations for your user community, anywhere and at any time. 


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