Calibrating a Mettler Toledo InPro 3250 pH Sensor Connected to an M400

The Mettler Toledo Process Analytics InPro 3250 is a pre-pressurized liquid-electrolyte pH probe with temperature sensor. The InPro 3250 are designed for an extensive range of applications in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and chemical process industries.

The Mettler Toledo M400 is a 4-wire transmitter with multi-parameter and ISM capabilities.

This video demonstrates the process of calibrating an analog InPro 3250 pH sensor connected to an M400 transmitter. 

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Reliable Weighing Systems in the Harshest Industrial Environments

SIEMENS Process Weighing

From the rigors of heavy industry to the precision required in food and pharmaceutical manufacturing, Siemens has weighed it all. 

SIEMENS isn’t new to the weighing game. SIEMENS delivers over 50 years of experience in the weighing technology for continuous or static weighing and batching applications to optimize your process costs and quality. With SIEMENS field-proven SIWAREX weighing electronics, SIWAREX load cells, conveyor belt scales, solids flow meters and weighfeeders, SIEMENS weighs your world - with first-class solutions that help you accomplish almost any weighing task.

  • Process weighing and gravimetric level measurement
  • Dosing/Filling/Bagging scale
  • Continuous Weighing
  • Force/Torque measurement


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