Steriflow FBCV Sanitary Control Valves - OR Version

Steriflow FBCV Sanitary Control Valves - OR Version

The Steriflow FBCV O-Ring Series by Steriflow meets the rigid specifications for sanitary process control valves for customers who prefer an O-ring style stem seal. This valve series is suitable for various cosmetic, dairy, and food and beverage industries. Conforming to 3A guidelines, the FBCV is ideal for a wide range of flowing media in both the utility and process areas of sanitary systems.

In general, o-ring stem seals (what ASME BPE defines as sliding stem seals) for control valves on clean air and gas and liquid clean utility applications like USP Purified water and some CIP fluids. In contrast, diaphragm type control valves are on WFI (Water for Injection) systems for end of loop back pressure control, buffer dilution skids, and filtration skids for pressure and flow control and chromatography elution flow control.

The FBCV-OR's high rangeability, characterized trim, high capacities, superior temperature, and pressure ratings, and a selection of sealing methods make the sanitary control valve ideal for liquid, gas, and steam services. Whether the need is to control pressure, temperature, flow, pH, or another variable, the FBCV is the correct valve for your process.


PTI provides products used in various steam applications, including plant steam, filtered steam, clean steam, and pure steam. Products include back pressure regulators, pressure regulators, steam traps, check valves, butterfly valves, ball valves, and ancillary products.

PTI provides reliable and highly trusted sanitary and hygienic process products used by food, beverage, dairy, pharmaceutical, and life science industries.

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Process Technology, Inc. Combines Partner Technology and Delivers Innovative Industrial Effluent Wastewater Measurement Solution

Industrial Effluent Wastewater Measurement Solution

Due to the regulatory nature, readings are taken multiple times a day manually, and constant alarms require a technician's attention. Questionable flow data and an ultrasonic level sensor that would not read below 3 GPM did not collect accurate or consistent flow data over the flume. pH buffers and calibrations were up to date, but due to the device's questionable age and occasional data dropout, it did not meet the regulatory requirements.

This application aims to regulate pH and flow and improve wastewater monitoring data collection's accuracy and efficiency, stay in compliance and ensure instrument reliability with a cost-efficient solution, reducing downtime.

Siemens, Mettler-Toledo, Red Lion

The Mettler Toledo M300 with an iSense 3250i pH probe provides the most reliable and accurate pH capabilities in the industry, along with added digital monitoring. Calibrations are done on the bench in a controlled environment. The sensor will tell the transmitter the approximate life of the sensor, reducing system downtime.

The Siemens LU 240 for ultrasonic level (over existing flume) calculates flow and is a very cost-effective way to gather accurate levels. A single device with a local display and a 4-20mA output covers all communication bases and accuracy requirements.

A Red Lion 10” Graphite HMI consolidates data gathering and calculates flow using the existing cellular, returning data to the control room. Data is logged in the HMI via SD Card, so if there is an interruption in the system control room, no data is lost.

PTI's industrial water and wastewater customers’ monitoring challenges are addressed by combining the technology from (3) leading instrument and technology manufacturers.

Siemens, Mettler-Toledo, and Red Lion devices are compatible with providing a cost-effective and accurate automated flow monitoring solution, mitigating the risk involved with regulatory applications.


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