The SIEMENS SIPART PS100 Electro-pneumatic Positioner


The SIEMENS SIPART PS100 electro-pneumatic positioners control the valve or damper position of pneumatic linear or part-turn actuators. The SIPART PS100 electro-pneumatic positioners modulate the valve according to the setpoint value. A hallmark of the SIPART PS100 is its low consumption of air. Thanks to the piezoelectric technology, compressed air is only required to move the valve. In the steady-state, consumption of air is negligible.


  • Fast commissioning at the push of a button.
  • Simple operation via the display and four buttons.
  • Display symbols according to NAMUR NE 107.
  • Negligible air consumption in stationary operation.
  • Setting the application profile based on predefined selection options, e.g., tight-closing valve, open/close valve, small valve.
  • Fast response in end positions ensures short positioning times and tight valves.
  • Insensitive to vibrations and steam hammer.
  • Leakage compensation ensures a constant actual value and protects the actuator.
  • Only one device version for linear and part-turn actuators.


  • Power stations
  • Paper and glass
  • Water and wastewater
  • Food and pharmaceuticals

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