The Equilibar® Flow Control Valve

Equilibar® Flow Control Valve

The Equilibar® control valve is a precision back pressure regulator configured to control flow in a control loop with an electronic controller and a flow meter. 

Over a broad range of flow rates, Equilibar® control valves enable accurate flow control for gases, liquids, and mixed-phase fluids. The unique dome-loaded multiple orifice design adapts swiftly to changes in upstream and downstream process disturbances to maintain the setpoint.

The Equilibar® control valve functions differently than typical regulators and valves. The control valves are dome-loaded, and pilot operated, which means that gas is supplied to the dome (top) of the valve via a pilot controller to set the process setpoint. In the dome, a direct sealing diaphragm covers a field of orifices and adjusts its position allowing flow through the orifices while maintaining the desired setpoint. 

Equilbar Control Valve Loop

The Equilibar® flow control valve links to an electronic pilot pressure controller and a flow meter in a control loop. (See Fig.A.) To control flow, a proportional-integral-derivative (PID) controller monitors input from a flow transmitter (FT) and adjusts the pilot pressure. The electronic signal from the PID converts into a pressure signal for the pilot controller by an electro-pneumatic transducer (E/P). Increasing the pilot pressure reduces flow, and decreasing the pilot pressure increases flow. The system performs best when the supply pressure is stable.

Equilibar® valves may be an ideal closed-loop flow control option under challenging situations where typical flow control techniques fail. Equilibar® valves increase performance in a wide range of demanding applications such as:
  • Flow coefficient (Cv) ranges wider than conventional valves (>100:1)
  • Extremely low DP and extremely high DP
  • Two-phase, phase-change, and supercritical states
  • Continuous flow chemistry
  • Sanitary applications
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