Siemens Industrial Pressure Measurement Transmitters

Siemens Industrial Pressure Measurement Products

Siemens SITRANS P pressure transmitters are a comprehensive family of gauge, differential, and absolute pressure measurement instruments with a wide range of performance values, load capacities, and materials. The modular system offers excellent operating simplicity and practicality, as well as optimum safety, in addition to high measuring accuracy and robustness. Siemens transmitters address the obstacles posed by increasingly complicated operations in the process industries.

The most critical factor in selecting a suitable pressure transmitter is the required accuracy of the measuring range. SITRANS P transmitters offer a variety of choices from 0.03 percent to 0.3 percent. They’re ideal for safety-related applications, with certifications according to SIL2 and SIL2/3. 

Gauge, absolute, and differential pressure must be monitored continuously for gases, liquids, and paste-like media to detect values that are too low or a potential overload. 

HART®, PROFIBUS PA, and FOUNDATION Fieldbus are just a few of the communication bus systems supported. SITRANS P pressure transmitters also have all of the most recent approvals and certificates. 

Siemens pressure measurement instruments provide the instrumentation reliability you require to satisfy your facility's individual needs.

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The Tideflex TF-1 Check Valve

The TF-1 is the most popular Tideflex Check Valve configuration for outfalls. The TF-1 has a flat bottom and a flared top designed for in-structure and end-of-pipe installations. As a result, the valve can be installed at a lower overall elevation than in other configurations, requiring less bottom clearance.

The TF-1 is ideal for maintenance hole applications such as junction boxes, diversion chambers, and interceptors where the pipe invert is close to the vault floor. The invert pipe is as close to the floor as possible in these vaults to maximize the available gravity head. The TF-1 is designed to install within such structures and can be easily retrofitted to existing systems, frequently replacing failed flapgates. 

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