Tutorial for Setting the Siemens SITRANS P320/P420 for Level Measurement Applications

When used to determine fluid levels, pressure transmitters work on the following principle: the pressure at the bottom of a liquid body is proportionate to the height of the fluid above it. The transmitter measures the hydrostatic head pressure to get the fluid level measurement.

SIEMENS SITRANS P320/P420 pressure transmitters are digital pressure transmitters known for user-friendliness. SITRANS P hydrostatic level technology is suitable for use in harsh environments in the environmental, chemical, and petrochemical sectors. SITRANS P pressure/differential pressure transmitters are highly resistant to chemical and mechanical stresses and common electromagnetic interference. 

SITRANS P320/420 is the first pressure transmitter with remote safety handling. The remote safety management of the instruments through SIMATIC PDM saves time during SIL commissioning since operators may access transmitters from the control room rather than physically configuring each device across a facility. In situations needing functional safety, this decreases commissioning time. Both pressure transmitters feature a longer proof test interval than comparable devices on the market, with testing periods lasting up to fifteen years instead of every two, drastically reducing maintenance expenses.

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