Introduction to Siemens Belt Scale Systems

A belt conveyor is the most efficient and cost-effective method of transporting bulk materials. The challenge is how to accurately weigh the amount of material being transported over the conveyor.  The answer is with a Siemens belt scale system.

A belt scale system consists of three main components: the belt scale; the speed sensor; and the integrator. Belt scales are seamlessly integrated into conveyors to continuously weigh the material load without process interruptions.

Siemens Milltronics conveyor belt scales combine simple, drop in installation, low maintenance (no moving parts) and repeatable accuracy for productive operations.

With their field-proven weighing electronics, load cells, conveyor belt scales, solids flowmeters, and weighfeeders, Siemens provides all the components required to install and operate an efficient, problem-free, and money-saving belt scale system.

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