Siemens Process Instrumentation Start-up, Commissioning Services, and Maintenance

Are you concerned about future service and support when making a large process instrument investment? Do you want to make sure you're in the right hands and that the partner you choose will be there when you need them?

Process Technology, Inc. (PTI) is an authorized SIEMENS instrumentation sales and service representative with highly-skilled support staff and trained engineers providing start-up services on any new Siemens process instruments as well as on-going support for equipment installed in the field.


Start-up and Commissioning Services

Safe start-up provides reliable operation of equipment and processes to increase safety, minimize downtime and enhance productivity.
  • Technical assistance during installation and startup
  • Initial testing of equipment

Calibration Services

Assure that all systems and components of equipment and processes optimize their operation

Magnetic Flowmeter Verification
  • Test to ensure that the set standard is accurate
  • Documentation and training

Preventative Maintenance Services

Continue engineering services or portfolio repair to maintain equipment and system integrity.
  • Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • Yearly

Process Instrumentation Operator and Technician Training

PTI tailors our process to meet your specific needs and schedule.
  • In-house and on-site training programs
  • Pressure, temperature, level, valve positioners, loop controllers, flow and weighing.

Technical Demand Services

Support your unplanned service needs or troubleshooting support for instrumentation and analyzers.

For more information, contact Process Technology, Inc. Call them at 801-264-1114  or visit their website at