Continuous Total Organic Carbon Measurement For Ultrapure and Pure Water Systems

Continuous Total Organic Carbon Measurement For Ultrapure and Pure Water Systems

Real-time Measurement for Full Visibility of TOC Excursions

The Mettler Toledo 6000TOCi is an ISM-capable continuous measurement Total Organic Carbon sensor designed to measure the concentration of organic substances in pure and ultra-pure water applications. 

Total Organic Carbon monitoring is essential for determining and controlling organic pollution in pure and ultrapure waters. This technology is used in the pharmaceutical, microelectronic, and power generation industries. 

The 6000TOCi sensor is a continuous-flowing, continuous-measurement instrument that detects any TOC change, no matter how long it lasts. The continuous design also enables quick detection, detecting differences 60 seconds after the sample enters the sensor. The sensor uses advanced UV oxidation technology with fast response times to provide continuous, real-time measurements in pure and ultrapure waters. 

To provide continuous, real-time TOC determination, the 6000TOCi sensor measures conductivity before and after oxidation of organic material with ultraviolet light. 

Because of the 6000TOCi's versatility, it can be installed anywhere on a water system, with results displayed at the point of measurement or in a more convenient location for operators. 

The response time of the METTLER TOLEDO Thornton 6000TOCi Total Organic Carbon sensor is less than one minute. It offers continuous monitoring, which is a significant advantage over batch measurement systems, which take six minutes or more to provide only a snapshot of water quality. 

The M800 Transmitter is a multiparameter, multi-channel instrument with a large color touchscreen display that displays measurement and setup data for the 6000TOCi sensor. Up to four 6000TOCi sensors can be controlled and monitored by the M800. When used together, the 6000TOCi sensor and M800 transmitter form a TOC measurement system with design flexibility for full integration into water systems. The separate components allow for close positioning of the sensor to the sample point for the quickest response while also allowing the transmitter to be integrated into the local control system.

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