IIoT Control Panel Solutions from Process Technologies

IIoT Control Panel Solutions from Process Technologies

Increase the efficiency of operations while lowering costs with a wireless or connected control panel that can monitor compressors, generators, tank levels, pressure, temperature, and vibration. Analytical sensors and flow, level, and pressure sensors are all monitored safely and accurately. Plug n Play alternatives customized for your application are available. 

PTI creates high-quality electrical control panels in a short amount of time, using the most reliable and cutting-edge hardware available. PTI also provides software development services to accommodate our customers' increasing demands with turnkey solutions, in addition to solid panel design and fabrication capabilities. 

Using cutting-edge technology, Process Technologies can incorporate the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) into panel builds to give real-time dashboards and analytics, allowing customers to monitor system status and real-time data from anywhere in the world.

PTI sales engineers will meet with you on-site to discuss your requirements, evaluate, design, and execute a complete cost-effective solution kit to automate your process and factory automation application needs.

Contact PTI today to discuss you IIoT control panel requirements. Call 801-264-1114 or visit https://process-tech.com.