The Mettler Toledo 6000TOCi Total Organic Carbon Analyzer

Mettler Toledo 6000TOCi

Total Organic Carbon (TOC) monitoring is critical for measuring and controlling organic contamination in pure and ultrapure waters. TOC monitoring is essential in the pharmaceuticals, microelectronics, and power generation sectors.

The 6000TOCi analyzer measures TOC levels in water systems quickly and continuously. 6000TOCi customers benefit from real-time data instead of batch systems that measure at intervals, guaranteeing that TOC excursions are never missed – even for a minute. 

Mettler Toledo Thornton's 6000TOCi is a continuous measuring TOC (total organic carbon) sensor. In pure and ultrapure fluids, the sensor gives continuous, real-time data. It employs superior UV oxidation technology with a speedy response time.

The 6000TOCi Total Organic Carbon sensor has a response time of less than one minute. It allows continuous monitoring, which is a significant advantage over batch measurement systems, which can take six minutes or longer to produce a picture of water quality.

The 6000TOCi's real-time measurement capability enables you to preserve detailed records of trending, history, and critical information to support your compliance documents. You may keep a complete sensor history record by using the USB ports for printer and data logging.

The 6000TOCi meets the TOC instrumentation criteria of all significant worldwide pharmacopeias, including USP, EP, JP, ChP, and IP.

The 6000TOCi's versatility allows it to be installed anywhere on a water system, with the option of displaying results at the place of measurement or in a more convenient location for operators.

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