New Product Alert - The LowFlow MK708MAX Control Valve

LowFlow MK708MAX

Designed for high-pressure gas applications, aerospace/fuel testing, refining/chem/petrochemical, and pilot plants the new MK708MAX is a valuable addition to the Richards Industrials LowFlow brand of precision globe-style control valves, providing entry into higher flow applications.


MK708MAX Product Highlights

  • Capable of handling 1,000psi (69 bar) inlet pressures at 100°F (38°C) - the competition only goes up to 720psi (50bar)
  • CVs ranging from 6.5-10 (5.6 - 8.65kv)
  • Body Material Options- Bronze, Carbon Steel, and Stainless.
  • Available in 1” (DN25)

For more information about the MK708MAX in Utah, Wyoming, Southern Idaho, Northern Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, or Montana call 801-264-1114  or visit