New Product Update: AMETEK Land Instrument vIRalert 3 - Human Body Temperature Screening System

vIRalert 3 Human Temperature Sensing System

AMETEK Land Instrument has updated their vIRalert 2 human body temperature screening system to the all new vIRalert 3, an economical way to monitor the wellness of each of your employees, visitors, contractors and vendors entering your facility. The VIRALERT 3 is a real-time scanning solution that’s safe, accurate, and easy to use.

AMETEK Land is a world leading manufacturer of precision temperature measuring equipment, specializing in non-contact temperature measurement. 

Unlike handheld thermometers which compromise social distancing, the VIRALERT 3 automatic screening system scans from a distance that complies with social distancing. Visual and audible alerts provide the warning you need to keep everyone safe.

For more information, visit this vIRalert 3 link or call Process Technology at 801-264-1114.