The Hazards of NOT Using Softstarters on Your Beverage Line

This video demonstrates a key advantage of using a soft start system on a bottling line, in this case a dairy milk line. Consistent start-up regardless of belt load and reduced product damage risk (illustrated by this video) are obvious. Another important benefit is that couplings, belts and bearings are given additional protection against mechanical wear.

Softstarters from ABB increase the life of a motor by protecting the motor against electric stress. They do so by optimizing starting currents that put a great deal of stress on the motor with conventional start methods. Installation-friendly Softstarters from ABB can reduce your assembly and start time by being easy to use and easy to learn. A single Softstarter provides a compact and complete starting solution with everything you need in a single system, from the bypass contactor to the overload protection. In addition, ABB Softstarters can ultimately help increase productivity with many application-specific features.

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